19-year-old girl in Saskatoon,SK

I love books, mother nature, animals, obscene movies, punk, life and the 1800s.

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Sculptures in Modern Day Clothes [alexispersani]

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my favorite thing about helena bonham carter is that she literally has only two modes

gothic english beauty 


and insane homeless woman



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Doing a Body Suspension is definitely on my Bucket List.
Kathleen Hannaaaaa

Kathleen Hannaaaaa

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Anya Gallaccio - Red on Green (2012) - The life and death of 10,000 red roses 

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Surprisingly, perfectionists are often procrastinators, as they can tend to think “I don’t have the right skills or resources to do this perfectly now, so I won’t do it at all.”

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Unused Frank Frazetta movie poster, for From Dusk till Dawn.


Unused Frank Frazetta movie poster, for From Dusk till Dawn.


Knock loud, I’m home.


Animal charities believe Pappy the mixed Labrador was left as bait for other animals with a festering paw and a jar on his head so he couldn’t fight back. He was only saved when rescuers found him wandering the streets of Dallas, Texas, starving and covered with scars.

Residents in the Five Mile Creek area of the city had seen the dog near walking around for at least a week before Fletes, a Dallas animal shelter commissioner, caught Pappy with other dog lovers and local residents on Monday. He was terrified, but so weak he could barely run or fight. ‘We just waited until he ran out of juice,’ she said. His rescuers named him after the WW2 fighter ace Gregory ‘Pappy’ Boyington. On Wednesday, doctors at the Metro Paws clinic amputated part of the dog’s paw. It could have been much worse.
‘This was not a random act of cruelty. That’s typically done to create a blood scent so the animal can be thrown into a fighting ring and used as a bait dog for training,’ said Nancy Pinkston, a vice president with Animal Allies of Texas told The Dallas Morning News.

The jar was cut cleanly and precisely to fit over the dog’s head, presumably so he couldn’t fight back

‘Someone said today they wish this dog could tell us his story. In some ways I’m glad he can’t. It’s probably much worse than we can imagine. He’s so broken in spirit. Looking at this dog’s eyes, it looks like he’s just waiting for someone to hit him,’ Ms Pinkston told The Dallas Morning News

Rescuers are searching for a foster home.

Dog fighting is still fucking alive and well, especially in the middle east